Because popcorn is expensive.


Movies are a door to escape into a realm of endless possibilities where you get to witness things which in real world seem chimerical. We at After Popcorn resolve to giveĀ our audience brutally honest and trustworthy movie reviews unadulterated from any sort of external influences. Our sole focus is on the quality of reviews rather than their sheer quantity and we will strive to make sure that your valuable time is engaged only in the best that the world of cinema has to offer.

Let’s take a moment here to understand the rating system that we will follow. Usually a movie is rated on a scale of one to five but instead of going with the conventional star rating, we chose to use popcorn buckets to rate the movies. To put it simply the number of buckets of popcorn you require throughout the movie would determine the quality of the movie. More buckets mean that the movie more intriguing whereas less buckets mean that the movie is less interesting (after all popcorn is expensive). It’s pretty simple to understand once you get the hang of it and quite ingenious too.

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